TAS Law helps individual and corporate clients establish and build their careers, businesses and brands and handle the unique challenges facing artists, athletes and others involved in the sports and entertainment field.  We offer a range of services, from negotiation and drafting of agreements, to trademark and copyright registration and protection, corporate formation, managing social media, and enforcement of privacy and publicity rights.  

Film and Television

TAS Law helps entertainers, production companies, distributors and others in all aspects of film and television development, production and distribution, in formats from broadcast, to cable, to new media. Services include:

  • Screenplay and life story rights

  • Production agreements

  • Shopping agreements

  • Talent and crew agreements

  • Writer, director and producer agreements

  • Product placement and integration

  • Music licensing, composer agreements and music supervisor agreements

  • Post-production and distribution agreements


TAS Law represents recording artists, labels, songwriters, producers and publishers. Services include:

  • Recording and distribution agreements
  • Publishing and administration agreements

  • Producer agreements

  • Band agreements

  • Shopping agreements

  • Performance agreements

  • Master use and synchronization agreements

  • Merchandising agreements

  • Sponsorship and endorsement agreements


TAS Law represents athletes, management companies, sponsors and others in the sports industry. Our services include:

  • Endorsement agreements

  • Licensing and merchandising agreements

  • Trademark, copyright and domain name registration

  • Enforcement of copyright, trademark and publicity rights

  • Website and social media matters

  • Reputation management

  • Corporate formation and maintenance

Authors & Literary Publishing

TAS Law represents authors, journalists, publishers and distributors. Services include:

  • Agent agreements

  • Print and digital publishing and distribution agreements

  • Co-author and ghostwriter agreements

  • Translation agreements

  • Clearance review

  • Illustrator agreements

  • Licensing and sale of film, television, theater and merchandising rights